30 week bump update

How far along?

30 weeks, final stretch!!

Maternity clothes: 

Oh yeah, officially ONLY in maternity clothes. 

Stretch marks:

No new ones, but the old ones are getting a little pink again. 


Can't get enough of it! I feel like a zombie most days, barely functioning and keeping my eyes open. I also just invested in a body pillow. It is pure heaven and now I ESPECIALLY don't want to get out of bed. 

Miss anything? 

Walking/standing without feeling like an elephant is sitting on my cervix. Being able to wear my sandals with buckles if Josh isn't home. Eating chocolate without acid reflux. 


This girl is CRAZY. Madelyn was so gentle and not very active in utero. But this baby is constantly kicking/punching my organs, ribs, hips, nerves etc. If anything gets in her space she will relentlessly kick until I move. Whether that's my ribs, someone's hand, or a pair of pants she deems too tight. She likes her space. She will also wake me up in the middle of the night by kicking my ribs if I'm laying too much on my belly and she doesn't have enough room. Lord help me, she seems to be a feisty one.

Food cravings: 

Peaches, red grapes, PROTEIN (chicken, peanut butter, yogurt) and ice water. I've been having some nausea and food aversions again too. 

Best moment this week: 

Ordering my first few outfits for baby girl, I forgot how little they are at first! 

Labor signs: 

Lots of braxton hicks and tightening. If I haven't drank any water for a while I'll get contractions until I chug some. Midwife told me to prepare for a possible (hopefully) early and fast delivery. My labor was only 12 hours from start to finish with Madelyn and I was 11 days early so chances are this one will be VERY quick. 


Back aches, sciatic nerve pain, heartburn. Feeling much more winded during exercise, and suddenly feeling even more exhausted which I didn't think was possible. 

Belly button in or out?

 In, it never popped with M, so I doubt it will this time too. 

Wedding rings on or off?

 On, *knock on wood* so far I haven't had any swelling/edema in my limbs unlike last time (my face is getting rounder though *eye roll*), which I contribute to how much more active I've been this pregnancy. 

Looking forward to:

Buying more baby things and organizing/decorating her room.