an anticlimactic trip to the zoo

Before 1-2pm we, as a family, are useless. Even Madelyn sleeps in until 9:00-9:30 every morning (knock on wood), and she’s my alarm clock. I usually roll out of bed once Madelyn starts patting my checks and saying “Wake up mama, pweeeeeease!” Then I potty Molly, do various things that consistent of either working out, doing dishes, or being super lazy and watching a movie with Madelyn while we eat cereal and whatever candy is in the pantry, it’s all about balance. Either way, by the time I check off my to-do list and get us all ready the day is halfway over.

Every now and then though, we have a solid day where we all wake up early and get out of the house at a reasonable time. This day in particular was one of those. Josh had the day off so we went to the zoo around 11 AM before the crowds came. Guys. That is a big deal for us. We’re never ANYWHERE by noon, and that’s when we’re trying really hard.

At Madelyn’s request we saw the rawrs (tigers) first, which were all three napping in front of the window. Madelyn was very cautious and concerned that these “Wesley’s” were so big, which of course was adorable. I don’t know if everything she does is exceptionally adorable or if every little random thing a kid does kills their parents with cuteness. I think I may need more parents friends. 

Right after seeing the tiger’s Madelyn decided the various snacks I packed were inferior to her taste and wanted pizza. Only pizza. We moseyed on over to the food court, got a few slices of pizza, and I kid you not within 2 minutes of sitting down Madelyn peed her pants for the very first time in public. It wasn’t just a little tinkle either. You’d think the girl had been holding her bladder for 12+ hours. Her pants were soaked all the way to her ankles and then puddled on the chair. 

She had been doing SO well with potty training that I didn’t even bring extra undies or pants. So after seeing one single animal at the zoo we packed everything up and went home. Lesson learned. Never trust a toddler, and always, always, bring backup pants/panties.