carpet diem

*Not going to lie, I listened to Pandora’s “Christmas Music” station while I wrote this*

There’s something about that crisp fall air, changing leaves, and the thought of reading a good book with a fuzzy blanket wrapped around you and hot coca that makes this time of year so magical.  

What keeps coming to mind are all of these college memories, when I lived in the frozen tundra of Idaho. I used to walk home in the most magical snowstorms, then my roommates, (that always ended up becoming some of my best friends) would snuggle on the couch with our hot cocoa and watch the snowfall while we talked about our past, and future ambitions.

I recently looked through all my old college photos on Facebook, and it made me really miss it (and prompted this nostalgia post). The closeness of living with my best girlfriends, the new love that was always annoyingly or happily in the air. Adventures that usually involved a late night soda run to Horkely’s, followed by frozen yogurt (maybe a bonfire), and how the nights you think are going to be the most chill, ended up becoming the best. I made some of my greatest friends while in college; those girls helped me out through really hard times, and were there for some of my happiest moments.

Another friend of mine from college, also named Lauren, started up her own Etsy shop of the most witty and unique doormats – Elle and Ivey. Lauren and I were both English majors and we had a class together where we were partners for a semester long research project. I immediately wanted to be her friend when I saw her. Her style was much better than mine and her long thick blonde hair was/is probably the prettiest ever. I think since we were both English majors that our love for wit and a good pun makes her shop all the more special to me. Someone once told me, “English majors are either the weirdest or coolest people,” we really are a breed of our own and I get so excited whenever I meet another English major in the real adult world.

Any way, I’m so excited to work with Lauren again and help introduce some more people to her cool and adorable shop. My rug arrived right on time, and it was so much bigger than I thought which was great! I hated how our old doormat wasn’t as wide as the door, but this one is the perfect size, and everything about it is stylish and perfect, even down to the weave of the rug. 

Just by looking at Elle and Ivey, you can tell Lauren is a fun person and has good style. I mean come on, “Carpet Diem”. Her hip and better than trendy style really comes out in her shop and I’m excited for you all to check it out!!

And right now you, my lucky readers, can earn one FREE “Carpet Diem” rug over on Instagram! Just go here to enter!