cruising down the pier

Probably my favorite part about downtown Seattle is the pier. Nothing beats the waterfront with the Ferris wheel, Ivar’s Restaurant, and all of the cute shops. (Although, Pike Place Market is a close second.) I heard at one point they were going to make the sidewalk glass so you can see into the Puget Sound, although any word of that has disappeared and I now constantly wonder if that’s ever going to happen or if it was a dream? Maybe an alternate reality? Who knows. 

Having grown up in the country (seriously, it took 15-20 minutes to drive to my school and all of my friends' houses [insert eye roll directed at parents]), I really appreciate living in the city now. I’m one of those people that must be out having adventures or I start getting a little antsy. Most of our vacations have been last minute because I need a change of scenery ASAP. Although one day a week I must be home and vegetate to recharge the batteries, the other 6 days I’m running around.

Even though we only live 15 minutes from downtown, it is such a hassle driving up and down all the hills, finding parking and then paying $20 for some sketchy garage. Much to my dismay, we hardly ever go down there.

And random tidbit, I love wedge boots for Fall, but my goodness. I nearly break my ankle at least 10 times every day I’ve worn those boots. Wedge boots and pinecones are my arch nemesis now, and I kind of feel like my whole world is a lie now? I don’t even know. What good is Fall if I cant even wear my favorite booties?

Stay tuned for part 2 of this post next week when we visited the Seattle Aquarium. (Don’t worry, we didn’t travel downtown and pay for parking just to take some “edgy” photos for my blog on the pier. Come on guys, I’m not one of “those” bloggers. (I mean, maybe if I was making more money.)