deciding to blog again

I left the blogging world almost a year ago, thinking that would be the end of this era for me, despite my love for writing. At the time I was going through a drastic belief and religion change and I felt that I couldn’t be real and my true self to my readers. While so many perceived me as being one way I suddenly wasn’t that mold anymore. I was the same yet so different, and I didn’t want to hide who I had become.

My goal for "Dailyisms" is to be authentic and to focus on my writing, trying to touch as many people as possible. To write about the good and the bad. The funny, the “will probably be funny in 5 years”, and also, the heart-breakingly hardness of life that happens sometimes.

So this is me. The new and improved version that’s not as fashionable, a little more curvy thanks to my child bearing hips, but much more wise. I hope my old followers and the many people who have reached out to me this past year will stay on this journey with me, and that hopefully many more will find their way here too.