giveaway + review organic clay & herb face mask

Something I’ve become so passionate about is natural and organic skincare products, and avoiding all of the toxic chemicals in name brands. After learning about my hormonal imbalances I have been trying to change my lifestyle and limit the added hormones and toxins in my environment, in hopes of a healthier lifestyle and hopefully it will help me be able to get pregnant soon.

I have been scouring the web for a face-mask to clear my skin and make it softer, where the ingredients don’t counteract the wash. Something that will “cleanse your skin”without doing some form of damage. 

The moment I saw this Clay and Herbal Facemask, by Violet Moon Botanicals, I knew I needed to try it.

French green clay has been used for over a millennium to help soften and hydrate skin, and is still today, one of the best products used in facials and at spas. What I especially love about this face-mask are the fresh flowers and leaves in it, adding Vitamin A & C, iron, and calcium. Each of the ingredients are also grown in the shop owner, Christina’s own organic garden. 

After one use my face felt so soft, but after my second use my skin was noticeably clearing up! Plus, I thought the packaging was so elegant and fancy. Included with the mask are dried flowers and petals. You can tell Christina puts a lot of hard work and detail into each creation, and in return, it’s such a luxurious product. I feel so proud to help spread the word about Violet Moon Botanical, and her amazing one-of-a-kind skin products!