impromptu photo shoot


Every now and then the kid is in an extra fabulous and sassy mood so I decide a little impromptu photo shoot is in order. This cheese ball, I tell you. Also, I bought that shirt for her last Halloween and it still fits. 

Madelyn keeps showing these signs of being so grown up. She likes to get in the car seat all by herself. She communicates in full sentences, which sometimes still surprises me. She just picked up on pronouns, conjunctions and  prepositional phrases so quickly. The former English major in me is so proud. 

She is very adamant that she is NOT a baby, and just as adamantly demands a “baby seeeester” about every 10 minutes. I feel ya kid, we’re working on it, just hold your horses!

But every now and then there are these glimpses of delicious, adorable baby-ness. Like when I’m trying to blog and she climbs into my lap and with one arm she pushes the laptop away, and her other hand is brushing through my hair and she just lays on me, watching her movie and slowly falling asleep. Oooooh those nap cuddles.

There is not a single thing in this world that’s better than a baby/kiddo napping on you. Those moments where I’m reminded no matter how old she gets she’ll always be my baby make those failed attempts to have another not so disappointing.