1. One time while Madelyn and I were at the park she told me there was a spider in my hair, “Mama! Spider in yo haaaaaair!” I nearly broke my neck from throwing my head forward and shaking my hair viciously. Then I asked if the spider was gone to which she replied, “Spider? What spider?” I think she knows more than she lets on and she’s just messing with me.

2. The time she lost her water bottle and Josh asked where she put it.

Madelyn: “In mommy and baby’s bed!!” Not mommy and daddy’s bed, but mommy and baby’s, and I guess we let daddy sleep in there too.

3. Monday’s are hardest for Madelyn; during the weekend she forgets that daddy has school. So every Monday when she wakes up and realizes daddy isn’t home she face plants on the ground and says, “Baby sad. Baby lost daddy. Again.” It’s so sad, but yet so cute.

4. Whenever I leave the house, even if I was just walking Molly, Madelyn runs up to me and throws her arms around my neck. She’ll nuzzle my nose with hers and quietly say, “I missed you mama” over and over again.

5. The other day I asked Madelyn if she wanted eggs for breakfast and she said, “No thanks, mama. I’m fine.” Well, okay then.

Life is so much easier once kids can communicate their needs and you’re not guessing what the problem is. When Madelyn was a baby she loved to be held and to always be touching me. Even when she was playing on the floor she always had one hand touching my leg. Now that she’s older she still needs that contact with me. If she’s playing by herself she’ll come up to me sad and say, “I need to cuddle mama”. Basically, moral of the story, 2-year-olds are awesome and this stage  rocks.