The more communicative Madelyn is, the more I fall in love with her cute personality. This girl says the cutest/funniest things every day (pretty sure I'm not JUST biased being her mama), here are some of them:

Madelyn: "The baby in your tummy is SO naughty. It keeps making you sick!"   Me: "When you were a baby you were in my tummy too, and I was really sick."   Madelyn: "Oh! I’m sorry mommy!" *kisses my cheek*

Madelyn: “Mommy, you’re so cute. Just like daddy.”

 Me: "Madelyn. Madelyn. Madelyn. Are you listening?"   Madelyn: "Ughhhhhh! Just give me 5 moments!"

Madelyn: *wakes up, opens eyes wide, sits up, points to end of bed*: "There’s a little girl right there!"   Me: *disappears*

*Every time Molly is naughty and I put her in the kennel*   Madelyn: "Oh noooo Sweetheart, no kennel! Molly be good now."

Madelyn: "Mom! Chill your bones! I’m going potty!"

And my personal favorite...

Madelyn: “Mommy, you Belle. I the Beast. And Daddy, you… Gaston’s friend.”