madelyn's first trip to the movie theater

Josh and I decided to brave taking Madelyn to her first movie. She'll usually watch almost anything if there's animals in it, and I had been personally dying to see "Pets", so we decided if there was ever a movie to take her to, this was it!  We of course arrived 30 minutes late and had to wait an additionally hour and a half before the next showing started (cue photos below). 

We got a massive crepe to share, and bought a TON of snacks that we discretely hid in my purse. Seriously. We wrapped up candy bars in Madelyn's extra sweater and some old diapers we had in storage. There were some chips in an empty diaper wipes holder. And of course there was also a bag of gummies stuffed down Josh's pants. We went through so much effort trying to hide everything, we were even preparing to throw down a fight if they asked us to dump the food... They didn't even check our bag.

Oh well, the feeling of being a rebel was good enough. 

After about an hour M was NOT having our distractions and we went into the theater where she frantically ran up and down all the aisles for a solid 15 minutes, not going to lie, we were pretty nervous and started to regret the decision. 


But as soon as the movie started and she saw a little doggy on the screen, she was hooked. She sat between us, pounded candy, and didn't move once. She even laughed at all the funny parts, and during the scary part she repeatedly yelled "MAX! NO! OH, NO! MAX! RUN!" (Luckily we were the only people in the theater). Overall, I give the whole experience a thumbs up.