milk snob baby wrap review


Do you have a stage 5 clinger? A baby who will release the titans of hell if you put her down and dare to do some dishes or vacuum? Roslyn is a firm believer that she must be held within milk smelling range at ALL times. Madelyn was the same way as a baby so this time I was prepared and I got a new baby wrap from Milk Snob because I LOVED the wrap I had with Madelyn (that was lost during a move). 


For any first time mamas, this item from Milk Snob is my top 3 favorite baby items OF ALL TIME. As in, it's not just a luxury it is a must. I wouldn't be able to do anything but sit on the couch and hold Roz if it wasn't for this wrap.


The best part about wraps that sets it apart from other carriers on the market is how it puts the weight on your hips and disperses it on your back instead of having all the weight in one spot like your upper back. I can wear Roz in this for long periods of time without my back starting to spasm, which has indeed happened with other baby carriers. ALSO, this wrap can not only be used for newborns but allows you to carry your baby as they grow, all you have to do is tie it differently and Milk Snob has tutorials on their page for different wrap styles.


Milk Snob also has a bunch of new fabric designs that I’m drooling over! 


If you’re interested in a wrap, click here!