milk snob review + giveaway


The first time I heard of Milk Snob was about 2 years ago, right after Madelyn graduated to a convertible car seat and stopped nursing in public. I was so disappointed I didn’t have a Milk Snob cover with her because they seemed SO handy, and I vowed that with my next baby I would get one. Ironically I kept hoping for another baby girl just so I could get the “Hampton Rose” car seat cover (which is the one I now have - pictured above, YAY!!).

On the rare occasion that Madelyn was sleeping while we were out and about I’d cover her car seat with a light muslin blanket. I can’t even tell you how many times I’d be walking through the parking lot and the wind would blow the blanket off the car seat and onto the cement. Or how many times I’d be putting the seat in a shopping cart or in the car and the blanket would once again slide off and onto the filthy ground. And let’s not even get into how many times people would (without asking) take the blanket off my car seat to see the baby inside, apparently they think if it’s that easily removable then it’s no big deal to do so. Not going to lie though, after having a child I loooove looking at tiny babies, all the nostalgia makes my heart skip a beat. But I would never look into a covered car seat, especially without asking – just sayin!

I LOVE that Milk Snob’s covers tightly fit around the car seat so there’s no way it will fly off and I don’t have to worry about putting a dirty blanket that just fell on the ground on my baby. I also love that there’s a slight slit on top so I can check on baby by peering inside without disrupting baby/completely removing the cover.

And what I’m MOST excited about is using it as a nursing cover. Once again, with Madelyn I just used a blanket that after she turned 2 months old, she’d kick off while nursing. After spending way too much time going back to my hot car to nurse my baby I finally decided to nurse without a cover. I very strongly believe that no one should have to cover while breastfeeding and that your baby’s hunger takes precedence over any stranger’s discomfort. However, I consider myself more reserved and I love that Milk Snob’s cover wraps around my body so this baby girl won’t be able to kick it off for MUCH longer, and by then she won’t be nursing as much anyway.

If you’re wanting a Milk Snob cover then head on over to my Instagram account and enter to win a FREE cover!!! Link here.