night in

"The big storm of the winter" was supposedly coming to Seattle. Everyone was losing it buying supplies and preparing for the apocalypse. When I went to Target to buy some water and batteries there was absolutely none left. Moral of the story, we'd die in an apocalypse.

Since the weather was crummy we decided a move night was in order. So I made some delicious asiago bisque soup, some chocolate dipped strawberries/raspberries and carmel apples. And we watched Halloweentown (second best Halloween movie, right behind Hocus Pocus). 

The storm ended up being anticlimactic, as usual. (Seattle meteorologists love freaking people out over nothing). Although, a night-in ended up being the perfect weekend event. Sometimes all you need is some family time and cuddling your baby girl + doggie. 

Also, Josh's poor sweater shown above ^ was stolen at a football game recently and he's pretty bummed about it. I mean, it is pretty witty, the teeth spell "UW" (University of Washington). Let's all take a moment of silence to wish bad juju to whoever probably wasn't even in dental school and took that sweater.