seattle aquarium

Ever since moving to Seattle, all I ever hear is how small the aquarium downtown is and to not waste my money. Although, it’s a Seattle staple, and in order to be a true Seattleite you have to go at least once. So, on this particular day Josh and I were feeling adventurous, and I had just gotten paid… so… aquarium it was! We were feeling rich, which rarely happens, so why not?!

Okay, honestly, it is not worth the $53 it cost for the three of us, and when Madelyn touched that sea urchin I was a little grossed out and I poured a glob of hand sanitizer on her hands. But it was way better than I imagined. When everyone I know in Seattle talks crap about the aquarium I really didn’t have high expectations, I mean, even strangers at the park have warned me to not waste my money by going there. 

I was imagining one large room with some fish tanks, but it was actually much bigger than I anticipated! There were rooms with fish from all around the world, and another exhibit outside with otters and seals. We all had a great time, especially Mads – except when we were trying to leave the gift shop and Madelyn decided she needed three stuffed sharks, two otter tee shirts, a whale pin, and a partridge in a pear tree. 

Speaking of little Mads, she has been so cute lately, she constantly tells Josh and I that she loves us. I was so touched by her sudden expression of love, until earlier this week when I got home from work and my mother-in-law told me she was bathing Madelyn and as the dirty water was draining she said, “bye-bye dirt, I love you!” And then she proceeded to blow a kiss. Definitely not feeling as loved now, haha.  

For so long Madelyn was obsessed with me, she always wanted to cuddle me or be touching me. Now all of a sudden she seems so grown up, when she crawls in our bed in the middle of the night she doesn’t cuddle up to me. In fact, if I try cuddling her she pushes me away! Every day my baby starts looking more and more like a kid and it’s breaking my heart but making me proud at the same time. Ugh.