sweater weather

Growing up in Colorado I learned to loathe the snow. A teenager can only spin out while trying to innocently drive to school so many times before they dread those snowy nights. Not to mention there were many years when we had SO many snow days that it cut into our summer break. Not. Cool. 

One of the best things about Seattle is the winters/falls here. Whenever Josh and I talk about where we want to end up I always say, “Wherever it doesn’t snow!” Also, has to be within 30 minutes to a big city, and have good restaurants, and lots of colonial style houses, and good schools, big trees, and big fenced in backyards… I digress. 

I love living in a place that calls a constant misty-rain and the 40s-50s (Fahrenheit) “winter”. Mmm. Can’t beat Seattle winters. The leaves, the fog, the rain. Literally the only bummer about Seattle winters is that Molly is afraid of the rain. 

Poor Molly was spazzing out during these photos; a mixture of rain and rambunctious squirrels running around is Molly’s hell. She was still a pretty good sport (for the most part). 



Fall in Seattle means baggy sweaters/scarves and light jackets. And I’m excited to share the piece from Evy’s Tree that I’m wearing in this post. I love baggy scarves that are versatile, plus anything that’s blue and makes my eyes pop is also a bonus. I was so surprised how soft the fabric is and the pretty royal blue color. Plus, this wrap is currently on sale! Evy's Tree has some great sweaters that are perfect for Fall and the transition for winter!

This post is sponsored by Evy’s Tree; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.