the leavenworth chronicles part 2

On our second day in Leavenworth, we were planning on kayaking. We called around and showed up to the only open rental place where they shot us down, thinking we’d die or something just because we didn’t know which way the river flowed and we were planning on transporting the kayaks by holding them with our arms reached out of the window while they rested on top of the car.

Sure, it might not have been an amazing idea, and somewhere along the line I said we might look back at this moment in a few hours and laugh at how ignorant we are. But by golly, we were going to go on an adventure.

Since no one would rent to us we instead decided to buy some tubs and float the river. We got very lightheaded blowing them up manually and then tied them all together to form one mega float. By the time we jumped in the river it was 5:45 PM.

We thought we’d be at the car within an hour, just in time for a late dinner. But the river was so. Slow. We kept having to take turns pushing the raft into a current because we were stranded in the middle of deep, freezing cold, motionless water. Josh was the real MVP though, he kept jumping in waist deep to get us going again. So hot.

During this adventure we saw a bear which galloped away as soon as he noticed us staring at him. I envisioned the tiny bear’s mother chasing after us while we very slowly paddled away using the little branches we gathered to help steer us.

And lets not mention the rapids where my inner cat came out and I was on all fours, holding onto the raft for dear life.

Once it started getting dark and really cold we kept optimistically thinking “the car is just around this bend…” “Okay… probably the next bend.” “It has to be this bend…” “Alright, if it’s not this next one then we’re probably dying out here.”

When we finally did recognize the spot we all jumped out and ran/swam to shore in the freezing cold water. Although we were all pretty numb by then so we couldn’t feel much of the coldness anyway. 

Even after a hot shower I still couldn’t feel my feet for an hour. It was the craziest adventure, but so worth it. Whenever the Rogers’ and Dorius’ clans are together, a good time is always sure.