third trimester in the summer

For some reason I've always loved the idea of having a baby in the Fall. When the weather is getting colder and you spend days inside sipping hot chocolate and watching Hocus Pocus while autumn scented candles (the alpha of all candles) burn in the background. The holidays are the most magical time of the year and the idea of having a tiny brand new little baby during that time gives me ALL the feels.

But having a baby in the beginning of Fall means being in your third trimester during the hottest part of summer. Also known as hell, pure and utter hell. It means throwing aside any dignity you have in order to stay cool and not lose your shiz.

I would first like to give my deepest condolences for all the pregnant mamas in Seattle, a city where NO ONE has air conditioning because it’s ONLY in the 90’s for the month of August. And what is with the utter lack of pools in Seattle? This isn’t England, it’s not like we don’t know how to swim or enjoy swimming (I heard once that the English don’t know how to swim *shrug*). I just want to feel weightless and float belly up in a swimming pool that’s outside while I tan away my stretch marks. Is that too much to ask for? And also a virgin pina colada would be grrrrreat.

Every afternoon once the heat is unbearably, hellishly hot, M and I take a cold bath and then go into my room where I give her my phone and then point three fans onto me as I lay naked on the bed and cry silently to myself while the baby kicks my ribs and organs and I lose 10 lbs in sweat (longest run-on sentence ever). Shout out to YouTube for entertaining Madelyn while I lie in bed every day wishing my soul would leave my body.

Being pregnant in the summer means never baking. Nope. Don’t even risk turning that oven on. Gotta admit though, I think my love handles are thanking me for taking it easy on the baked goods this pregnancy.

I’m also not ashamed to say I’ve gone to a wadding pool with Madelyn just so I could sit in cold water while children dump buckets of water on me for an hour or so. (Oh, does this point a sad picture in your mind? Because it should, I am absolutely pitiful.)

Also the maternity shorts I bought in the beginning of my pregnancy keep getting tighter and shorter the bigger I get but I still wear them every day, even though I’m constantly pulling them down while I waddle to and fro. It’s either the shorts or jeans that cut off the circulation in my legs and lets be honest, will make my legs sweat. Or maybe I could possibly invest in more dresses?

Even though I constantly feel hot and uncomfortable and trapped in my own body, I am SO excited to meet this little baby (even if she does scare me with how feisty she is). I feel like because of the journey we went through in order to conceive her that no matter how miserable I feel in my skin, I'm still so grateful that she is there and thriving. So bring on the 8th and 9th month because I think I could handle anything as long as I get to hold her when all is said and done.