weekly highlights

1.     Almost every night before bed, Josh and I play hide-and-go-seek with Madelyn to get her wiggles out. This one day in particular I decided to hide behind the rocking chair in her room. M ran into her room, looked behind the door and said, “oh man… MAMA! WHERE IS YOU?!” The spot most have been pretty good because I ended up having to give myself away.

Later that night I was looking for Madelyn’s stuffed bunny and when I checked behind the rocking chair I was JUST hiding behind for several minutes, I saw a massive spider on his web. I had to immediately rip all my clothes off and make sure there were no spider babies crawling on me. Note to self, stick to the usual hiding places. 

2.     A few days ago Madelyn somehow lost the remote to our TV. We of course didn’t realize this until she was asleep and we wanted to watch a horror movie (October tradition). We spent an entire hour of our precious 2 hour kid-free time looking for that remote. Sometimes Madelyn hides things and when I’m unable to find it I’ll ask where she put it and suddenly it magically appears. I was really hoping that would be the case this time, but nope. That remote is somehow gone forever and now we’re waiting for a replacement from Amazon.

Although the whole no TV thing is turning out to be a major throwback to our early days of marriage when we cuddled in bed and watched shows on my laptop. 

 Just ignore my face up here ^ and focus on how adorable Madelyn is :)

Just ignore my face up here ^ and focus on how adorable Madelyn is :)

3.     Animals aren’t allowed in our apartment complex, but we got special permission for Molly because of our home break-in (post here). Whenever I see another dog at the playground or walking around I always let Molly sniff it out since that’s a bit of a rarity.

Well there was this older dog there and the owner said they could play, so we walked over and they sniffed each other and all was well until the dog suddenly started showing his teeth and barking out of no where. Molly will never start anything, but by hells bells, she will finish it. Especially if her baby Madelyn is around.

Molly was going crazy barking at this dog, I was finally able to haul her around the stroller, trying to get the dog out of her vision. Nope. Molly legit jumped over the stroller with Madelyn inside and continued barking. It was so embarrassing, there were kids and parents around and Molly was pretty scary. But as my friend said afterwards, “Don’t mess with a dog when their baby is around.” 

4. I saw my first raccoon this week, well, it was actually three raccoons. I was just getting home from work and it was really late. Suddenly there were some loud noises behind me like branches breaking and leaves crunching. I turned around and saw the little rascals, they were so cute! I stopped and watched as two ran up a tree, but then the third made eye contact with me and then he/she/it started running full speed at me. I kept picturing this raccoon acting like a corner badger and scratching my eyes out or gnawing on my leg with his foaming mouth. I quickly jogged to our front door and was trying to put the key in, but guys, this was straight out of a horror movie. THE KEY WOULDN'T GO IN! I was stumbling around while continually glancing behind me to see if the raccoon was right behind me. Luckily it was a tubby raccoon who isn't much of a sprinter and I was finally able to get in and slam the door shut behind me (as well as lock it because you never know). Moral of the story, raccoons may look cute, but they're freaking terrifying.